Pediatric Dentistry

Preventive procedures for children include the use of fluoride supplements andapplications. Dr. Michael Mostofi, a respected and well-known Orange County Dentist also recommends the placements of sealants on children’s teeth. Sealants form a barrier between tooth crevasses and bacteria to help prevent dental decay. Dr. Michael Mostofi also looks for malocclusions, and might refer patients to a dental specialist, such as an orthodontist, to correct a patient’s bite.

There are several preventive strategies to consider when optimizing the oral health of your child. Establishing a caries risk assessment for the patient can help Dr. Michael Mostofi give the parents some tools to keep the child’s tendencies for cavities to a minimum. This might include some helpful nutritional suggestions or some ideas on the best oral health care products for your child.

An often overlooked preventive measure is a custom mouth guard for children who participate in sports. Custom mouth guards made by Dr. Michael Mostofi generally fit better than over the counter types, making it easier to breathe and focus on the game. They also tend to offer greater protection and prevent injuries.

It is also important to evaluate the patient for damaging oral habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Oral habits such as these can affect the growth of the child’s teeth and jaws causing problems down the road. Dr. Michael Mostofi can offer guidance on the best ways to deal with these issues. Proper eruption of teeth and growth of the other oral structures needs to be monitored so that problems can be caught in the earliest stages and corrected at the best stage. Children are excellent learners. With Dr. Michael Mostofi’s dental patient education programs, Healthysmile360 can help them develop proper oral health care habits at an early age. These habits will serve them well to help them maintain a lifetime of good oral hygiene routines.