Whitening Trays Instructions


What are basic whitening instructions?

Place a dot of bleaching gel in the custom fitted tray for each tooth. Place the trays on your teeth and gently press the tray to move the gel into place. Wipe away any excess gel on the gum tissue with your finger or tissue and spit out any excess. Wear the trays for one hour. Remove the trays. Wipe the gel out with tissue and use a toothbrush with water (no paste) to clean the trays thoroughly.

How long will it take for my teeth to whiten?

Every individual whitens at a different rate, but the average time most people notice a color change is after wearing the trays daily for 5-7 days. Yellow and brown stains bleach faster than blue or grey stained (tetracycline-stained) teeth.

Is it normal for my teeth to be sensitive?

Sensitivity is one of the most common side effects from bleaching. After the whitening process, it is common to experience sensitive teeth. It is also common to experience little “zings” in the teeth during the process and even a day or two afterwards. If this occurs and is not tolerable, you may want to change the schedule to every other day or night. To help in preventing or temporarily reducing sensitivity, you may choose to use toothpaste for “sensitive teeth” which usually takes 4-6 weeks for a noticeable change.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have periodontal disease?

Patients with periodontal disease or with excessive root surface exposure may notice significant sensitivity. Use a “sensitive teeth” toothpaste and nighttime fluoride rinse to help desensitize your teeth prior to bleaching.


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